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With the best sustainable oral care products in the world.

Interested in becoming a Smyle share funder?


We want to save 1 billion plastic packages in 10 years time.

We do this step by step. As every time we brush, floss or rinse our mouth saves more plastic packaging.


We want to save 1 billion plastic packages in 10 years time.

We’ll realise this step by step. As every time we brush, floss or rinse our mouth saves more plastic packaging.



Smyle is independently tested by
Academy for dentistry of Amsterdam (ACTA).

Smyle has a proven effect.
With a fluoride content (1450 ppm), RDA value (115) and ingredients that make your dentist Smile as well!

We also apply the newest dental innovations and ingredients, like hydroxyapatite. This ingredient provides extra protection like fluoride does, provides extra care for sensitive teeth and has a whitening effect.

We also love to work together with dentists, oral hygienists and other professionals.

Did you know that already over 100 of them sample us to their clients?


“I’m an absolute fan of the Smyle tablets. The taste and the experience is absolutely perfect and I will never use a tooth paste again”

Michael T.

Customer from Germany

“Smyle is a good example of a product that not only saves unnecessary plastic, but is also healthier for mouth and body. Chapeau!”

Maria Westerbos

Director of Plastic Soup Foundation

“Throw out the plastic toothpaste tube and start brushing with Smyle. More companies should follow this example. It’s an excellent solution!”

Marjan Minnesma

Director of Urgenda


Smyle is independently tested by
Academy for dentistry of Amsterdam (ACTA).

Smyle has a proven effect.
With a fluoride content (1450 ppm), RDA value (115) and ingredients that make your dentist Smile as well!

We also apply the newest dental innovations and ingredients, like hydroxyapatite. This ingredient provides extra protection like fluoride does, provides extra care for sensitive teeth and has a whitening effect.

We also love to work together with dentists, oral hygienists and other professionals.

Did you know that already over 100 of them sample us to their clients?


It all started when we saw all the plastic soup in the ocean and on our beaches for ourselves.

We saw huge amounts of single-use plastics, amongst them a lot of toothpaste tubes and toothbrushes.

We discovered that toothpaste tubes are hardly recyclable and are mostly burned, landfilled or got lost in the environment.

We also found that most toothpastes are filled with unhealthy microplastics and harsh chemicals. What the f#%ck!


Building a sustainable oral care brand takes time, effort and money.

We are now entering a next phase. We need to strengthen our organisation to grow strongly in stores and online. And we would love to do that with our community!

In our first share fund round 1441 Smylers became a co-owner, investing jointly €1.159.660 in Smyle.  

What we use this investment for:

  1. Attract key talent
  2. Professionalize our process IT capabilities
  3. Execute in-store and mass media marketing campaigns
  4. Large-scale purchasing to realise economies of scale

In line with the business plan of Smyle, we already know we need more funding to become the nr 1 or 2 in sustainable oral care in the key countries we target.

We would love to enable this growth jointly with our share funding community! 

So in case you want to join us in our mission and want to become a co-owner, sign up here and we’ll update you when we start a new share fund round!


You receive certificates of shares, with which you become co-owner.

Certificates do not give you voting rights.

What you do get:

  • Help the world move towards plastic-free brushing
  • The value of your share grows with the growth of our company
  • Share in the profit: receive a dividend when we make a profit
  • Become part of the disruptor in oral care
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“You’ll make more impact when you ensure that everybody lives a little bit more sustainable”
"Toothpaste tabs should become the new normal"
"Tandpasta-tube = Smyle."
“Easy to take along when travelling and better for our environment”


Smyle did not only change the way toothpaste is made and packaged.

Smyle also wants to act in a societal responsible way. That is why we work together with Meesterwerk and Pantar, two social companies. 

We also support food banks, as oral care is not part of the food boxes they provide to people in need.


We have already saved as of November 1 th 2022 more than 960,000 plastic packages.

People brushed with Smyle already over 60 million times.

We have over 50,000 loyal recurring customers.

We have succeeded in becoming available in the largest supermarkets and pharmacies. We can now be bought in more than 1700 points of sale in The Netherlands. 

After our rapid growth in The Netherlands it’s time to use this investment to expand internationally.


We – after some time – are ready for certification for the organic label Natrue.

Also, we did the self assessment for B-Corp and guess what: we are B-Corp ready! We’re just waiting until they have time to audit us.

As we are a community-based brand, we’ll continue to ask people their feedback on what we can improve or what new products and tastes we should develop next.

We’ve got a lot of tastes developed in this way, which we will release after this investment.


– Sustainable impact

– Happy customers

– Nice return on investment

– We take great care of our employees (as happy employees take great care of your customers)

– And total commitment!


If you would like to know more about Smyle’s sustainability? Also check out https://wesmyle.com/pages/sustainability You can also find our Climate Impact Forecast here.

Our impact numbers:
– Over 860,000 Plastic toothpaste tubes saved in total;
– More than 53 million sustainable Smyle tabs sold;
– Over 50,000 customers with an average rating of 4.8 stars;
– 60% of all customers are recurring customers.

If you would like to get to know more about our impact, you can send an email to [email protected].

You will soon be able to buy a certificate of a share in Smyle. A certificate of a share makes you a co-owner of Smyle, as an investor. If you want to know more about this, click HERE.

The certificates of shares gives you, as an investor, “economic rights” within the company. This means that you are a direct co-owner of Smyle, and that you profit from the increase in value, but also that you get a share in future dividend payments, when Smyle pays it out. 

There are no voting rights attached to these certificates. The certificates are digitized on the Broccoli platform. This digitalization makes investing and trading easily accessible, without the intervention of a notary. 

Investing involves risks. So only invest if you have the financial scope to be able to lose the money. Of course we do not assume this, but we must report it. As an investor, no (future) obligations or securities are required.

As of the beginning of September you can invest and become co-owner of Smyle. This is possbile from a minimum amount of €250,-. Since the end of August, the campaign has started informally among Smyle’s own community, where you have the opportunity to reserve certificates of shares, which can be redeemed from the beginning of September.
If the enthusiasm for these reservations exceeds the number of available certificates, making a reservation will still be possible. From this moment we will try to issue more certificates. However, this is not a certainty, so those who are first on the list will also be the first to receive their certificates. 

So make your reservations as soon as possible!

Smyle is entering a new phase as a company. We now have more than 50,000 online customers and we have our products in more than 1700 stores, in the Netherlands. In order for the company to be able to continue to handle the anticipated growth, nationally and internationally, across the various sales channels and to further expand our brand, we need additional investments.

  1. Attracting key talent
  2. Strengthening our process-IT capabilities
  3. Instore / mass media campaigns
  4. Large scale purchasing to achieve economies of scale.

The capital will be invested directly in the expansion of the company, so that Smyle can continue to develop and expand, in order to achieve our objectives. 

Smyle is market leader in The Netherlands in sustainable excellent oral care and aims to become an international market leader as well.

Buying certificates of shares can be done from the beginning of September, after you have received official notification about it by email. You can invest through the Broccoli platform, which you can find HERE

Broccoli is a super-modern platform that focuses on sustainable companies with a strong story and a green footprint, that can place, digitize and trade their own assets. We feel very comfortable with them, which is why we partnered with them.

On your personal page on the Broccoli platform you will be able to keep track of how many certificates (shares) you have in Smyle in your dashboard (overview). For each transaction you will also receive an email confirming your purchase, with a transaction certificate that serves as proof. In your account you can find all your transactions and details per transaction. At Broccoli, the digital certificates in Smyle are called ‘Certificates’.

Smyle wants to make excellent sustainable oral care products and save plastic packaging. In this way we also want to show that building a company can be done in a sustainable way! We don’t think about selling the company at all.

But if a sale ever comes up, you as an investor will be included in this.


If Smyle is sold for a profit, you share in this profit.


In the event of a sale as described above, the certificates will be repurchased by Smyle or the investor at the value of the acquisition, and the sale price will be paid to you in cash.

The difference in value will determine the ultimate return. This can be both negative and positive, but Smyle goes for making an impact which means growing and therefore we expect an increase in value.

Selling, buying or trading your certificates of shares to other investors is possible after 24 months. Until then, there is a so-called “time-lock” on them. After 24 months you can sell on the Broccoli marketplace. This means that you can offer your certificates for sale to other co-owners. 

You determine the minimum price you want to receive. You do this anonymously. Buyers can then bid anonymously. If you receive a price you are happy with, you can accept the buyers bid. You receive an email every time that a bid has been made. Once you have accepted the bid, the buyer has 24 hours to complete payment. The payment also goes through Broccoli and is directly transferred (minus the Broccoli transaction fee of 2.5%, with a maximum of 1250 euro) to your bank account as specified in your user profile on the platform.

By becoming a co-owner of a company, there are two ways to earn returns. One is based of dividend payments (profit), and second, the increased value of your certificate. The value of your certificate is the difference between the purchase price and the selling price of your certificates. 
How high the return will be, can never be said with certainty. You are stepping into a relatively early phase of Smyle. There is, however, a strong foundation but the growth is really starting now. If value is added to the company, it influences the value directly.

The forecast is a minimum doubling of turnover within the next 2 years. This would therefore mean that the value of your investment would also be doubled. However, this is a forecast and not a guarantee for the future. The return could be monetized in by a sale on the marketplace or when Smyle is (partially) sold to a third party. 
The amount of dividend is determined each year after the annual figures have been adopted and made definitive. The board of Smyle decides whether the profit will be distributed as dividend or reinvested. The expected dividend yield for the next three years is therefore very difficult to estimate, especially since Smyle, together with you as co-owners, is still a long way from maturity. 

No. The Broccoli platform charges a 2.5% transaction fee. The seller, in this case Smyle, pays these transaction fees. 

If you decide to sell your certificates after 24 months, you, as the selling party, will pay the transaction costs. You then pay 2.5% with a maximum of €1250 per transaction over your sale. The buying party pays nothing.

Furthermore, Broccoli does not charge users and account holders.

No. Broccoli does not charge a custody fee, other fees, collateral or obligations.

As for liability; there is none for you. When you invest, you buy 25 or more certificates from Smyle. Within holding these certificates, you are literally excluded from liability. Certificate holders who invest now can never be held liable for anything, at any time.

Broccoli’s platform offers the possibility to run an export of your transaction(s) (investment) at any time of the day. 

On January 1st  of the new year, you can also export an annual statement from Broccoli. This provides an overview of how many certificates you have in which company and at what value. You could use this information for your own administration or tax return, for example. For questions related to administration, please contact [email protected].

For The Netherlands: The value of the certificates for residents of The Netherlands are taxed in Box 3 (capital). In Box 3 there is a so-called tax-free asset value of at least € 50,650 in 2022 (and € 101,300 if you have a tax partner). See also this link. If the value of the certificates exceeds the levy-free capital, you will have to pay tax on this. This is 30% over the average return. How much the average return is, depends on the bracket in which your assets fall (above the tax-free threshold). On the website of the Dutch Tax Authorities you can find more information.

For investors outside of The Netherlands, check your local tax laws how this investment is to be handled.

That is certainly possible. First you’d have to create a user on the Broccoli platform. As you proceed through the process, you can select the option of investing as a personal or a business account. If you have any questions, please contact [email protected]

Taxation depends on your situation and place of residence. Check your local tax laws

When dividends are distributed, withholding tax is deducted, which can be offset against the corporate income tax due. 

Yes. The STAK (Stichting Administratie Kantoor Smyle) is a Dutch entity, established and registered at the Notariaat Schut van de Ven in Amsterdam and subject to Dutch law. Smyle’s investment round will be notified to the AFM (Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets). This document will later be shared on the Broccoli platform, where you can download it. It will be available from the beginning of September. Please go through it before you invest. 
Dutch tax laws are aligned with European tax laws.

Normally this is not possible, but please contact us at [email protected] to specifically discuss the possibilities regarding conversions.

Yes, if the conversion limit is reached. We’ll keep you informed in case this happens.

Click HERE and ask your question and leave your contact details behind.

The amount of new shares is dependent on the situation of that moment. We will keep you updated.

Simple, by signing up on this page we will update you by mail. You then have the first right to get your shares!


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